Radio and TV Reporter, Presenter and Broadcaster, Actor, Voiceover Artist, Pundit, Freelance Journalist
Graham Swain
NUJ: 025496  SPOTLIGHT: 0453-5616-5550  EQUITY: M00219090  BECTU: 0520843
Graham Swain
NUJ: 025496  SPOTLIGHT: 0453-5616-5550  EQUITY: M00219090  BECTU: 0520843
Radio and TV Reporter, Presenter and Broadcaster, Actor, Pundit, Freelance Journalist

Graham Swain - Film and TV Performer Extraordinaire

Graham has achieved an impressive catalogue of goals including Acting, Radio and TV Broadcasting, Voiceovers and Journalism. Graham has a good voice and an infectious personality. He will rise to any challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism. At all times he treats the camera and microphone as 'friends' to be enjoyed.


Graham Swain - Film and TV Performer


Frightmare on Wall Street - The City Without a Suit

Graham Swain as Uncle Pester

CLICK HERE for the full movie featuring Graham Swain as 'Uncle Pester' in Addams Family spoof satirising the 2007-8 financial crisis.

‘Sleepy Head’ - Prime ‘SOCCO’ - 2-Parter SKY/HBO

‘Special relationship’ - Special Well Wisher - Feature Film

‘Re-uniting the Rubins’ - ‘Lamu’ Buddist Monk - Feature Film/DVD

‘Eastenders’ - ‘Market Trader’ - BBC TV

‘Frightmare on Wall Street’ - ‘Uncle Pester’ – Principal Artist – Parody on ‘The Munsters’ - Internet ‘iball TV’

‘Collision’ - ‘Featured Punter’ – 6 part series - ITV

Graham Swain - Film and TV Performer

Plus One - ‘The Runner’ - Ch4 TV

The Bill - ‘Gang Leader’- Millwall Football Club Supporters - ITV

Come Fly With Me - Featured Comedic Airline Passenger - Full Feature Film/DVD

Here Comes the Queen - ‘The Voice’ new David Croft Comedy ‘Pilot’ (Dad’s Army/Allo Allo etc.) - BBC TV

Silent Witness - ‘Stephen Arney’ - ‘Jason’s’ father - BBC TV

Dream Team - Featured scene as Studio Photographer with principal artist ‘Jason’ - Sky TV

Death of Ian - ‘The Driver’ - Full Feature Film

Five Days - ‘Pub Local’ - BBC TV

Premiership League Football 2006/07 ‘The Driver’ - Ford Sponsor Bumper Ident Ad - Sky Sport TV

Delta Airlines/Atlanta Braves Baseball - Principal ‘Thug’-sponsor promotion advert - US TV

Free Film on Four - ‘Up-front’ pedestrian-promotion advert - Ch4 TV

Orange Mobile Phones - Prime Feature-International Poster/Ad Campaign - Worldwide Ad

Flawless - Featured Special Personal Security to Principal Joss Ackland - Full Feature Film

Elizabeth the Golden Age - ‘Thelonious’ The Monk – Featured Role - Full Feature Film

The Bill - ‘Kevin Whitley’-Cab Driver-Featured Role - ITV

Vital Signs - ‘Bill’ – Featured Pub Darts Team Regular - ITV

Viva Blackpool - Animated Punter ‘L.A. Confidential’ Bar - BBC TV

United 93 (9/11) - Featured NY Air Traffic Controller - Full Feature Film

Pinocchio Effect - Hare Krishna Devotee – Featured Role - Full Feature Film

Bad Girls - Court Juror - ITV

Family Affairs - ‘Featured Journalist - Ch4 TV

Rose & Maloney - ‘Dez’ featured convict prisoner visitor scene - ITV

Holby City - ‘Bob the Builder’ double length feature - BBC1

Spooks - ‘Gaz’ Gang Leader ‘British Wave Party’ - Character Role - Trailer & Episode - BBC1

Passion of Henri Durant - ‘Otto Von Bismark’ – Principal Role - Full Feature Film

Silent Witness - ‘Jack’ Featured Inmate - ITV

The Bill - ‘Greg’ CID Officer - Police Station Impact Explosion/Fire - ITV

South Bank Show - ‘Jay Strauss’-Character from Ian McEwan novel - ITV

Naina - Featured ‘Disaster’ Victim - Bollywood Movie

Casualty/Holby City Xmas Special 2004 - Featured ‘Disaster’ Victim - BBC 1

Plane Spotting - Character Role Greek Policeman - Movie

Can’t Buy Me Love - Character Role- Fellow Prison Inmate with ‘Martin Kemp’ - ITV

Life Begins At.... ’Caroline Quentin’ - Featured Pub Punter with ‘Caroline Quentin’ - ITV

Premier League Football 2004/5 - Featured Character Football Fan - Ford Main Sponsor ‘Bumper Ident’ Advert - SKY SPORT TV

The Bill - Featured ‘Shady Geezer’ - ITV

Beneath the Sheets - Featured ‘Pool Player’ - ITV

Frances Tuesday - Featured Journalist/Reporter - ITV/Channel4

Mile High - Character Role – Plane Passenger - SKY1 TV

FA Cup Final 2004 - Featured Millwall Football Supporter-'Bumper Promo' - BBC1

Eastenders - Hospital Visitor - BBC1

Murphys Law - Character Role- Trackside Dog Track ‘Bookie’ - BBC1

Holby City - Attendant in Court - BBC1

Spooks - Featured Journalist - BBC1

Dick & Dom Show - "Live" - Character Role - Northern Comedian - BBC1

Dream Team - Featured Role -Sports Journalist - SKY1 TV

F1 Grand Prix 2004 Series - Principal Feature Role for Main Sponsors Daily Telegraph - "Bumper Ident" Advert - LWT

Hustle - Featured Removal Man - BBC

The Bill - Principal Featured Criminal - ITV

Mile High - Featured Head Office Manager - Sky TV

Royal Bank of Scotland Advert - Featured Office Manager - ITV and Channel 4

Eastenders - featured Cab Driver - BBC1 Sept 2003

Wall of Silence - identifiable character to principals in major courtroom scene - Granada TV 2003

Gladiatress - blacksmith, featured acting scene with principal star - 2003

Blackball - special featured Oz fan - 2003

Mile High - plane passenger, featured speaking part - Sky1 2003

Road To Perdition - filmed on location USA, walk-on - 2003

Crime and Punishment - featured bar scene with principal actor - BBC2 September 2003

Mike Bassett England Manager - crowd feature - 2002

Spider - featured walk-on - 2002

Messiah - featured walk-on - BBC2 2002

Ali G in Da House - builder, featured scene to camera - 2002

Natwest Advert - featured acting, Christmas tree seller - ITV and Channel 4

Images from BBC TV's Silent Witness - HIPPOCRATIC OATH Episode (Series 11)

Still from Silent Witness, BBC TV

CLICK HERE for the BBC Silent Witness website. Look for the Hippocratic Oath Stunt video clip showing the spectacular crash from this episode as featured in these images.

Silent Witness


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